Производство картонной упаковки

with Glassine paper

LLC “SVS PACK” produces cardboard tubes with the special inner layer – Glassine paper. Why product manufacturers are so interested in this material? How Glassine is changing the material properties of the cardboard tube? So, what is Glassine?

Glassine is a smooth, translucent paper made from a manufacturing process called super calendering. The paper pulp is beaten to break down the fibers, then after pressing and drying, the paper web is passed through a stack of hard pressure rollers. This pressing of the paper fibers is producing a very smooth surface. This glossy paper is called Glassine that is air, water and grease resistant. So, Glassine is eco-friendly, acid-free, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material. It could be used for packing food.


Our packaging will represent your products, both on store shelves and in online sales, while helping to distinguish your items among similar products.

Tube parameters are selected individually for each order. We can produce the tubes with additional decor. Our company can put your logo on the lid and bottom, by stamping. We provide services on painting, varnishing, and laminating. We have flexible discount system!

LLC “SVS PACK” can manufacture the products by request – with individual characteristics preferred by the customer. The products are manufactured under TU U 17.2-36624100-002:2017, Opinion of State Sanitary-Epidemiological Expertise No. 12.2-18-1/11429. We monitor the quality of manufactured products at each production stage.