Производство картонной упаковки

Transparent combined tubes

LLC “SVS PACK” is glad to present its products, which are unique by characteristics and appearance. Transparent combined tubes – our new products manufactured on high-tech equipment, which can produce transparent tubes of different size. Important feature of our transparent tubes is their design concept – cardboard base with rolled transparent part. Such design of the tubes makes them maximum durable, as compared to analogues at the market (fully plastic tubes and plastic boxes). Besides, such solution addresses the other process problems – for example, producing the tubes with transparent part of artistic design. It can follow the shape of object located inside or create the images suggested by customer.

Such tubes may have the additional decor. The lids may be cardboard, tin or combined (cardboard + tin or cardboard + transparent inset). Range of our transparent tubes will be expanded.

Stay tuned!


Our packaging will represent your products, both on store shelves and in online sales, while helping to distinguish your items among similar products.

We can produce the tubes with additional decor. Our company can put your logo on the lid and bottom, by stamping. We provide services on painting, varnishing, and laminating. We have flexible discount system!

LLC “SVS PACK” can manufacture the products by request – with individual characteristics preferred by the customer.